Kimberley Art Prize

Great News!

Hi there, back again sooner than I thought, with a very happy blog post.  My last blog post was about me becoming a full-time artist, and it seems like the floodgates have gone open for me.  I hope I can be a testament to others and also inspire you to follow your dreams!  I was so scared to go it alone, not knowing if I was going to earn a regular income, or whether I could keep coming up with good art which people wanted to buy.  My fears have been completely squashed and I couldn't be happier.


So back to the reason for writing this in the first place, I got the news that my entry into the Kimberley Art prize,  'Critters of the Kimberley' was awarded 'Highly Commended!'  This is basically like a second place, which I'm thrilled about, having not entered many art competitions before. 



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