Live online workshops


Announcing my first online workshop!  Join me and learn how to paint this coffee cup scene in watercolours.


Date: Sat 2 May

Time: 2 to 5 pm (AWST). UTC +8

Cost: $35


For full details and tickets , please follow this link:





As most of you know, all art galleries have had to close, so I’ve been making plans to get through this covid-19 crisis, and at the same time offering people something creative and interactive to do.
Art is the only thing keeping many people sane right now, it’s an escape from the world for a little while and being creative really helps melt away anxiety.  We could all do with a bit of that right now, and that’s why I’m in the process of putting together live online watercolour classes.  The best part is that you can join me from anywhere in the world!  
If you’d like to be my guinea pig for the first couple of classes, please send me a message. They’ll be free to start off with, and thereafter there will be a cost but they will be very affordable!
I’ll be using an app called Zoom, so if you’d like to join my classes, download Zoom onto your device and create a profile and watch a couple of tutorials to get a feel of how it works in the meantime. It’s super easy and free.  Choose the free version, as I’m going to break up the classes into 30 minute segments with breaks in between. 
If you’d like to receive email notifications of classes, please send me your email address.

Live online art workshops materials list



Watercolour paint set or tubes:


Cotman 8ml watercolour tubes: (about $9 each)

Gumboge hue OR cadmium yellow hue

Cadmium red


Turquoise (Nice to have, but not essential,  because you can’t make it with above colours)


Koh-i-noor stackable watercolour set, cheapest option. (Around $20)


Reeves watercolour set (around $30)


Here’s another nice little set in a portable palette for about $50 which has 12 colours.  (recommended)





Da Vinci, Escoda will last forever, but they’re expensive. Westart or Monte Marte brushes will do the job. If you can’t find the exact ones, get the nearest size. 

Round #6

Round #4

Round # 10

Flat 1 inch or nearest. Even a flat makeup brush will do. 

Optional: rigger brush #0 or #1



Buy the best you can afford! You can get away with cheap brushes and paint, but not always cheap paper. 

Pad of A3 or A4   300gsm, medium or rough. Some pads are gummed all the way around so you don’t need to tape them onto a board.

Arches, Saunders, Bockingford , Baohong are all good brands. 

Monte Marte 300gsm is an exception, it’s pretty good for a  cheap paper.



Large water container 1 to 2 litre.

Masking tape

Board.  this is to tape paper onto if you don’t have gummed pads.  MDF board, plywood, plastic signage board or a piece of perspex. Anything that won’t absorb water too much.

HB, B or 2B Pencil



Palette.  White ice cube tray or plate will work fine too.

A few sheets of cartridge/photocopy paper A4

Toilet paper, tissues or paper towel (this might be the hardest to find but at least you could re-use them once they dry out!)